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Special Events

The following Special Events are listed on this page. Scroll down for more information on each event.

Colt Starting Challenge USA
Mustang Days
Equine Comeback Challenge / Forever Home Adoption Showcase
Team Penning (RMTPA)
Working Equitation
Extreme Cowboy
CHA Region 9 Conference for CHA Members
Artist's Reception & Mane Event - An Evening of Equestrian!

Colt Starting Challenge USA
Fri, Sat & Sun from 12:00 - 2:00 PM in the EVENT CENTER
If you love horses, you will enjoy watching Russell Beatty and other contestants gentle an unbroke horse and ride it in only a few hours at these Colt Starting Challenges. Come see the action, sit right there beside the round pen, and be amazed at how Russell and other contestants can quickly tame, and then ride a young horse using Natural Horsemanship techniques.

It is Russell's goal to provide a forum for contestants to compete at these Colt Starting Challenges thru out the country in order to show their Natural Horsemanship skills. The contestants compete against each other in order to find out at each event who wins the Champion Trainer Buckle.

For more information, go to

Contestants for the 2015 RMHE Colt Starting Challenge USA
Russell Beatty - Maui, Hawaii
Horses are my passion. Throughout my career, horses have always been a part of it. From rodeo, shoeing, ranch work, horse training, and packing and outfitting, working with horses interests me and challenges me. During High School I was an avid rodeo contestant, traveling to far flung Cities in many different States to compete in Bull riding. I earned a full ride scholarship to College in Sheridan Wyoming for riding Bulls. I studied Ranch Management, and I continued to rodeo riding bulls, calf roping, and riding saddle broncs for many years up until I turned 42.

I first attended a Colt Starting Challenge put on by a Top Rated Horse Clinician in Albany Oregon. I was intrigued and amazed at what I saw. They were practicing and applying Natural Horsemanship methods at the Colt Starting Challenge to gentle their unbroke horses.

Natural Horsemanship techniques simplify and speed up the process of gentling a horse. It is detailed, powerful, yet very simple to learn. I now use Natural Horsemanship for all the horses I have started. I've also applied these methods on problem horses, and re-started them, and the results are amazingly successful. It's simple if you are shown how to do it correctly. Very small details can mean a great deal. You need to learn this, try it, and make it a part of your way with your horse.

Cimmaron Gerke - Brighton, Colorado
Cimmaron is a second generation cowboy that spends his days on the back of a horse. It’s how he makes a living and it’s what he lives and breathes every day. He grew up riding bucking horses and rope horses from the time he could enter his first Little Britches Rodeo at 8 years old and on to high school, where he qualified in numerous events for the national finals, and college rodeos. He had great success since he was fearless, but also was always willing to learn from those around him. He would take problem horses to fresh race horse babies and turn them into useable and workable horses.

His keen insight for setting a horse up correctly led him to competing in a TV show called Real American Cowboy. Coming in 2nd at the end gave Cimmaron the confidence he would need to go onto his ultimate horse breaking challenge in the Extreme Mustang Challenge in 2010. Since then, he’s been working for numerous trainers all over the US for the last 4 years, taking colts from the halter-breaking to the gates to the winner’s circle.

Through it all, he would like to be known not only as a colt-breaker but a horseman. He continues to hone his skill every day and admits that his greatest instructor has been the four-legged creature that he’s grown up on the back of and has given him the cowboy life that he loves.

Carly Davis - Golden, Colorado
Carly Davis is a natural horsemanship trainer who focuses on balance. Balance is needed in every aspect of life, including that of a horse's. She promotes balance between groundwork and time in the saddle, trail riding and arena work, sensitizing and desensitizing, pressure and release, speed and rest, play and work!

She trains and gives riding lessons at her family’s facility, Las Piedras Ranch, in Golden, Colorado. She uses a natural horsemanship method, gaining the horse's respect in order to get him to respond correctly to cues. Her specialty is colt starting and helping people solve problems with their horses, developing horses into well-balanced and useful animals. She has had experience with many different breeds and horses at all stages of training, from untouched to finished.

Carly Davis has been riding horses since 1991 and training professionally since 2001. She was a member of a drill team and trick riding organization for 7 years, has competed in rodeo events, and has worked on cattle ranches. In addition to studying the work of several different contemporary horse trainers, she studied for a year under national clinician and Road to the Horse competitor Ken McNabb on a horse training and cattle ranch in Wyoming. Carly has been featured on RFD-TV riding with Ken McNabb and will be on in February 2014 with Julie Goodnight. She thanks God every day for her abilities to communicate with equines. Visit her website at

Samantha Wilson - Brighton, Colorado
Born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui, Samantha began a life and passion for horses. She was a natural with horses and competed in many different events and received many awards. Samantha also competed in rodeo in barrels, breakaway, team roping, and some of Hawaii's own events including Po'owaiu and Wahine Steer Undecorating. She also worked on two large cattle ranches on Maui.

In 2009 she moved to Colorado and bought and sold horses. After seeing the transformation in these horses she decided that training horses was what she really wanted to do. She has been inspired by many great horsemen including Buck Brannaman, Clinton Anderson, and Chris Cox. Samantha is currently the Assistant Trainer at the Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, Colorado where they get horses that are seized by law enforcement for neglect or cruelty cases. They care for them and train them to eventually get adopted. On the side Samantha takes on personal clients at her home in Brighton, Colorado. She considers herself an all around trainer and love's helping people build a great connection with their horses.

Victor Sundquist - Olathe, Colorado
Victor understands God comes first, but has been ever so thankful for God allowing horses in his life. The life lessons learned from working with horses, "on their terms", are invaluable and lasting. Victor comes from a long line of Colorado horsemen going back 5 generations. A heritage of "horses trained and loved, not just ridden".

At 19 years old, he has spent more time with horses than in a motor vehicle. Victor started training horses as a home school project. At 16, his skills were developed enough to train for customers with his sister and father. After finishing High School, he began to train full time. Victor logged 1900 hours in 2013, and helped train over 50 horses last year.

He understands the amazing results obtained from Natural Horsemanship methods and "getting into their minds" to obtain a willing and trusting partner. The Sundquist's typically have a 15-30 horse waiting list for their training, and are currently booking Fall 2015. What spare time he finds is spent enjoying the Colorado outdoors, and competing as a bull-rider in local rodeos.
Micah Riehl - Yoder, Colorado
Micah has been training horses since 1993. He's started and trained on a full spectrum of breeds from Paso Finos to Oldenbergs, with the larger portion being quarter horses, paints and appaloosas. Aside from starting colts at his home in Yoder, CO, he has also spent time as a working cowboy on ranches in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. He is a certified farrier, and is enrolled in Ag Commodities at Otero Junior College.

He believes the best horses are the ones exposed to real life situations. A young horse has a good many years ahead of it, with no guarantee to be owned by just one person that entire time. Building a horse that can move forward from the most versatile beginning possible is important to him. The beginning of a horse's career may be a trail horse, but Micah wants to know that if the next owner wants a roping horse, the foundation is already laid for that future.

Zach Nix - Deer Trail, Colorado
I have worked as a professional horse trainer for 15 years. I've worked on just about every kind of horse from ponies, to starting a draft team and teaching them to pull. Also, lots and lots of riding horses! Most of my training career has been spent with Reiners and Reined Cow horses but certainly not limited to that. I've also started lots of dressage horses and jumpers, as well as trail horses and ranch horses.

 I currently make my living as a farrier in Colorado, but I still work with a horse every chance I get. I suppose it's just in my blood. My favorite thing is helping out a troubled horse. Many of them just need somebody to give them a chance, and they can become really great horses. I see starting a colt as a privilege but also a great responsibility. They have no bad habits, no vices, no good ones either, they are a blank slate. It's a great career, to create a positive outlook for a young horse about his upcoming life.
Michael Battenfield - Goldthwaite, Texas
Michael Battenfield is a 2014 Colt Starting Challenge USA First Place Winner, a 2014 Mustang Makeover finalist and a 2013 Mustang Million finalist. He is a certified natural horsemanship trainer, certified through England's Versatile Horsemanship. Michael enjoys teaching clinics, performing at expos, and working with difficult problem horses.

But most of all Michael enjoys his Church On A Horse, where he starts a unridden horse while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For training, lessons, clinics, or Michael's Church On A Horse, go to



Mustang Days
All are held in the Stadium Arena.

PLEASURE CLASS - Friday at 5:00 PM
GAMES - Friday at 6:00 PM
FREESTYLE CLASS - Saturday at 3:00 PM
EXTREME RACE - Sunday at 12:00 PM
Presented by Colorado Mustangs
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
Click here for Entry Form, Rules and Event Descriptions
(Coming Soon!)


Equine Comeback Challenge
Forever Home Adoption Showcase

Join us for the horse and trainer MEET & GREET reception at 12:00 PM on Friday in the Event Center BARN arena.

Then come watch the COMEBACK CHALLENGE at 12:00 PM on Saturday in the Stadium Arena!

Ten horses with 10 professional trainers for 60 days. All will only be halter-broke, ages 3-6 years old. Competition is for the horse that makes the biggest comeback.

Participating trainers: (T.B.D.)

Afterwards, these horses will be offered up for adoption through the Forever Home Adoption Showcase.



with the
Rocky Mountain Team Penning Association

Saturday at 6:00PM in the Stadium Arena

Do you like watching Team Penning?  Would you like to understand the strategy of the game as well as the rules?  Would you like to find out how you could participate in this family event?

The Rocky Mountain Team Penning Association (RMTPA) will be back at EXPO this year with a full evening of competition, including a segment to explain the rules and strategies to the spectators.  Be sure to schedule time to watch this exciting event

Special entertainment is planned in conjunction with this high-energy activity!


Working Equitation
You'll have 4 opportunities this weekend to check out TJ Sommerfield and her "Working Equitation Obstacles for Training and Competition" presentation!
All four events are held in the EVENT CENTER:
Friday at 9:00 AM and at 4:00 PM
Saturday at 4:00 PM
Sunday at 2:00 PM



3 events to catch this weekend!
Cowboy 101
on Friday at 2:00 PM in the Event Center
Cowboy 102 on Saturday at 2:00 PM in the Event Center
Extreme Cowboy Race on Sunday at 2:00 PM in the Stadium Arena

Are you looking for a greater experience in partnership and fun with your horse? Extreme Cowboy Racing - "the fastest growing equine sport," is THE FAMILY COWBOY SPORT FOR ALL RIDING LEVELS! The EXCA (Extreme Cowboy Association) is the original and only recognized association for the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing. The Mid-Mountain Region EXCA is proud to host its first sanctioned Extreme Cowboy Challenge Race of 2015 at the Rocky Mountain Horse EXPO. This EXCA sanctioned race will be judged by Cindy Williams, a Level 3 Judge, Clinician and National Advisory Board Member for the Mid-Mountain Region EXCA.

The Mid-Mountain Region Extreme Cowboy Race is your chance to see some great, local horse stories in action - unlikely horses - horses who became World Qualifiers of EXCA.

To continue reading about this exciting event, click here...

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Click here to register for the Extreme Cowboy Race


CHA Region 9 Conference
Saturday, March 14, 2015
Begins at 9:00 AM
3rd Floor of Hall of Education Building
Calling all Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) members of Region 9 (Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas & Wyoming)! Attendance is requested at YOUR conference, to be held within the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in March. This conference is for both Professional Riding Instructors, as well as Non-Professional Riders.

Click to download the conference flyer here.
Click to register with CHA for the conference by clicking here.

For further information, please contact CHA Region 9 Directors at any of the following:
Jill Montgomery at
Ashleigh Hamill at


An Evening at the Equestrian Expo!
Equine Art Show, Sale and Mane Event
Friday, March 13, 2015
Begins at 4:30 PM
Art in the Park area of Hall of Education Building

You are invited to an evening of art, magic and music and that is only the start of an evening you will never forget. You will be treated to a reception and one-of-a-kind art show and sale with food and beverages. You will enjoy the opportunity to rub shoulders with the artists and help support the work of the Colorado Horse Council to protect and promote horses in our state. Following the art show, you will be our guests of The Mane Event evening performance with exciting equestrian acts!

An Evening at the Equestrian Expo, Equine Art Show, Sale and Mane Event:

Friday, March 13th, 2015, 4:30 PM
in the Art in the Park area of the Hall of Education Building
$50 per person

Show and Sale with proceeds assisting the work of the Colorado Horse Council to protect the rights of owners and welfare of equines.
Sophisticated and talented artists who blend their passion for horses with their creative intuition highlight this one-of-find art exhibit. The artists selected to the "Art in the Park" gallery at this year's Expo will display paintings, equine-related photography, bronze sculptures and various mixed-media all celebrating the horse from their own perspective and artistic interpretation.

Reception with food and drink.
Meet the artists.
Browse and purchase art (35% of proceeds are donated to the Colorado Horse Council).
After drinking, eating and enjoying art, join us at the Mane Event to be amazed and enchanted by the riveting equestrian acts!

We look forward to seeing you there!