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Special Events

The following Special Events are listed on this page. Scroll down for more information on each event.

Colt Starting Challenge USA
Mustang Days
Equine Comeback Challenge / Forever Home Adoption Showcase
Working Equitation
Cowboy Dressage
Select Horse Sale
Artist's Reception & Mane Event - An Evening of Equestrian!

Colt Starting Challenge USA
Watch interview here with Founders
Russell & Cristy Beatty

Click image above for SIZZLE video!
If you love horses, you will enjoy watching experienced cowboys and cowgirls from around the Country gentle, start, and ride unbroke horses in just a few hours. How is this possible? These horse trainers are not only very talented, but they are using Natural Horsemanship methods. This technique speeds up the process of starting and gentling a horse. Our event is not only to entertain you, but also to educate you about how a horse thinks, operates, and responds to a Horse Trainer’s cues using body language. Watch THE ACTION as you see the unique personalities of not only the horses, but also of the Contestants, and their original concepts to starting colts.

It is Colt Starting Challenge USA’s goal to provide a forum for Horse Trainers from around the Country to compete at our events, in order to show off their Natural Horsemanship skills. The Trainers compete against each other in order to find out at each event, who wins the Champion Trainer buckle. Trainers gain cumulative points at each event towards participation in the National Finals, at the prestigious NFR Cowboy Christmas Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in December. 

Colt Starting Challenge USA was founded by expert Horse Trainer Russell Beatty and his wife and announcer Cristy Beatty. They now tour the United States to produce Colt Starting Challenge USA events from California to Virginia.

For more information, see our web site at and our Facebook page for videos of our events.

Last Year's (2016) RMHE Colt Starting Challenge USA Contestants
Warrick Bergroth - Lakewood, CO
I grew up outside of Melbourne, Australia, riding horses with my father, an accomplished horseman and rodeo cowboy. I started rodeoing at fifteen years old in Australia and New Zealand, and came to the U.S. in 1982 to further this dream. While in Steamboat Springs, CO, I attended a Monty Foreman clinic, which opened my eyes to a more effective way to communicate with horses, and since then, I have never looked back.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with great horsemen, such as Jack Brainard, Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Mike Major, Bryan Neubert, and Dennis Reis. Each person helped me develop a deeper understanding of horsemanship. I have taken this knowledge, transformed it, and put it into practice in order to get the most out of horses. My true understanding of horses has helped me start numerous colts and hold horsemanship clinics throughout the United States and Australia.

I welcome any opportunity to help others establish an effective relationship with their horse. People frequently come to me frustrated because their horse will not cooperate nor responds to their cues. By showing others a better and safer way to communicate with their horse, people leave my clinics with the power and knowledge to accomplish what they want.

Kyle Hockett - Winlock, WA
Kyle Hockett is the owner and operator of EPIC Performance Horses, LLC in Winlock, Washington. Kyle grew up on horseback in a family of cowboys. Kyle learned horseshoeing skills from his father and starting shoeing horses at 16. He learned quickly that top performance is the result of good physical care and conditioning. As a farrier and trainer, Kyle’s focus is on encouraging each horse’s individual natural talent. His training philosophy is that each horse has individual needs and abilities so training needs to be individual as well. He is well known for his ability to rehabilitate horses with physical and behavioral problems.
Kyle is willing to take on any training challenge, last year he was the Oregon Quarter Horse Association Champion in Green Hunter under Saddle, Senior Western Pleasure, Green Western Pleasure, Senior Western Pleasure and Reserve Champion Junior Western Pleasure horse. He coached four students to qualify for the AQHA novice world show. Kyle’s personal passion is team roping and cow events.

In 2015 Kyle won first place at the Colt Starting Challenge USA National Finals at the NFR Cowboy Christmas Trade Show in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Morgan Moser - Pittsboro, NC
I am from Pittsboro, North Carolina and I am 19 years old. My family has always had horses and I have grown up riding. I was taught basic horsemanship skills at a very young age and began training at Bar T Horsemanship when I was 14. I have been there starting and training horses for about five years. From showing in reining and taking hunter jumper lessons, to starting and restarting many horses and mustangs, I have learned some of what to do, and a lot of what not to do, from numerous people and myself.

I really enjoy starting horses, and seeing the changes they make as they learn and try their best to do what you ask. I like seeing young horses transition smoothly through the stages of starting them under saddle, and the big leaps or tiny steps that mistreated or badly taught horses make when showing them a better way people can be. Horses are extremely honest and have more patience than anything I know of. Honesty (with yourself and your horse) and
patience are very important qualities to have when working with horses, especially when starting a horse.

Bryan Neubert, Richard Winters, Martin Black, Tom Dorrance, and Ray Hunt are some of the great horsemen that I have learned from and follow. My family and close friends also follow horsemen such as these, so I have been surrounded by the mindset of working through the horse my entire life. I ride almost every day as my job and would like to make a career out of it eventually.
Margaret Blaha - Scottsbluff, NE
From California to New Jersey, Margaret has been competing in horsemanship-oriented competitions whenever the opportunity presents itself. Although she's always been passionate about horses, it wasn't until 2011 that she started her first colt for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Colorado. From there she was offered a trainer position for the Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue (a non-profit) where she started impounded horses and helped problemed horses so the general public could adopt them. She moved to Oklahoma, and then to Nebraska and continued to train colts while learning more about cattle and ranch work. Colt starting became her focus and she has since taken every opportunity to improve her skills and pursue her passion. She loves the challenges of various breeds and disciplines. She enjoys competing in drill team, trail competitions, ranch horse versatility, and reining.

Margaret trains horses for the public during the spring and summer and owns and operates a carriage company during the fall and winter. She currently evaluates and trains horses for The Caparisoned Project (a non-profit horse therapy program for veterans), and is a year-round TIP trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. She remains a full time college student and is working towards a Master's in Business.

Currently located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Margaret is available for lessons and training for a variety of interests. She believes in a soft touch for a solid foundation in every horse.

Zen Greenlee - Kremmling, CO
Zen has been riding and starting colts for quite a bit of his life now. He works horses with the understanding that " can't force a horse." He looks for the colt to partner with him and make the choice.

When he was approached and asked about his method, he simply stated "I don't have one. You see, not all horses are the same. I have to do things different with each one. The closest thing I have to a "method" is simply the 3 C's. Calm, confident, and consistent.

See him on Facebook under The Rusty Spur Ranch.
Freddy Munoz - New Castle, CO
I was raised on a cattle ranch in Utah. I worked every aspect from irrigating to cultivating and harvesting crops and spent summers at cow-camp riding the ranches grazing permit. My main focus and passion was always the horses. I loved helping them develop the skills they needed to accomplish their often demanding and precise jobs. After watching some of the cowboys work with the horses I knew there had to be a more effective and gentle way. In college, I worked on a race track starting young horses as well as being a jockey. All of these diverse experiences affect how I work with a horse today. My goal has become to let the horse tell me when it’s ready for the next step and to always pursue new learning experiences to help me, to better help the horses that I work with.

Zac Kaup - Lincoln, NE
My story isn’t much different than anyone else’s story that is here training horses. Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and see horses being a part of my life for as long as I can help it. They are more than an animal to me.

I grew up showing Morgan horses, along with my Mom and Grandpa, whom I have to credit my interest in horses. As I grew older I rode horses for a few people in my area, along with rodeo, riding bulls and saddle bronc horses. Now-a-days I am a farrier and ride horses in Lincoln, Nebraska, ranging from barrel and roping horses to dressage and hunter jumper horses.

When I look at horses I see peace and freedom. When I am around and using horses, I feel the same way, and that is why I enjoy them so much. To have a horse and you be on the same page is a feeling that can’t be easily explained and only truly understood by people who have felt it. That is what I try to help people with their horses, and that again is a reason I enjoy this life. I have a strong passion for understanding the horses’ mind and how it relates to me and how I can learn from that particular horse.
James Ellinger - Murdoch, NE
I do not come from a horse family but have loved horses my entire life. My first job out of high school was leading a trail string and my first job at college was breaking a large string of quarter horse colts. I was hooked. Twenty years ago, a friend gave me a copy of Monte Roberts' book, "The Horse Whisperer" and I have been seeking Natural Horsemanship since. I have galloped thoroughbreds at the race track and competed in rodeo, team sorting and western dressage.

Equine Comeback Challenge
Forever Home Adoption Showcase

A Home for Every Horse introduces the Equine Comeback Challenge; a program designed to help provide rescue horses with a solid and subsequently the opportunity for these horses in need to receive a new job and a chance at a forever home. The Equine Comeback Challenge allows rescue horses to attend full time training with trainers from all over the country showcasing the ability of rescue horses. The Equine Comeback Challenge features horse and trainer pairs to compete in a 90-day transformation process that is sure to provide excitement and also tug at the heart strings of people all over the world as these horses show their true ability as an equine partner.

Learn more about this program and the trainers here!

Afterwards, these horses will be offered up for
adoption through the Forever Home Adoption Showcase.


Demonstration and Seminar

Polocrosse is a team sport that is played all over the world. It is a combination of polo and lacrosse. It is played outside, on a field (the pitch), on horseback. Each rider uses a cane or fibreglass stick to which is attached a racquet head with a loose, thread net, in which the ball is carried.


Working Equitation
Witness the expertise of Tarrin Warren in action and even ride with her in a Pre-Clinic, compete in a sanctioned Show where Tarrin is the Judge, or participate in the Ride with the Expert program!

Working Equitation Clinic
Tarrin Warren is the owner of TNT Quarter Horses, LLC. She lives in central Texas with her husband, two boys and collection of creatures. They breed, train and show their Quarter Horses. Tarrin also trains and competes on outside horses. In addition to the breeding, training and competing, Tarrin enjoys giving lessons and clinics to help others reach their goals with their horses. Tarrin had been judging, teaching and training for over 20 years.
Working Equitation School Show
There may be a WEIAUSA Licensed Schooling Show for Intro, Novice and Intermediate Riders at both
Amateur and Open Levels at the Expo again in 2017.
In 2016, the Judge was Tarrin Warren, and the show was sponsored by High Country Working Equitation.

Click here for sanctioned Show video sample!
Ride with the Expert at EXPO!
In 2016, folks were able to ride at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo with Tarrin Warren during Expo sessions. Riders registered to be with Tarrin as she demonstrated the various components involved in having the best Working Equitation horse ever. As part of the Ride with the Expert Program, these riders had 2 stalls for three days, a 3-day entry badge and 3-day parking pass included with their registration fees. You too, could spend the entire weekend at Expo with your Horse as several clinicians/clinics will also available. Tarrin’s availability will be limited, and riders may choose other Expo RWTE Clinicians.


Select Horse Showcase & Sale

In 2016, the Horse Sale was conducted by Harley D. Troyer Auctioneers, Inc., who has been conducting successful auctions since 1978.

Consideration for having another sale in 2017 is underway!

Phone:  970-785-6282



Artist Reception, Art Show and Sale

Over 45 sophisticated and talented artists who blend their passion for horses with their creative intuition highlight this one-of-find art exhibit. The artists selected to exhibit their works at the "Art in the Park" gallery in the Hall of Education Building at this year's Expo will display paintings, equine-related photography, stained glass, bronze sculptures and various mixed-media all celebrating the horse from their own perspective and artistic interpretation. Come meet the artists at the reception. All artwork displayed is available for purchase. 

Show and Sale proceeds assist the work of the Colorado Horse Council in protecting the rights of horse owners and the welfare of equines.

We look forward to seeing you there!