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Guy McLean at Expo 2011
Posted on Thu, December 30, 2010
Man from Down Under Comes to Expo, March 11-13, 2011
Guy McLean PhotoGuy McLean is one of the most amazing horsepersons and performers you will ever see. What Guy does with his horses in front of a crowd entertaining and educational and shows the amazing rapport one man can have with his equine partners by using quiet and gentle training methods.


Highly recognized and highly acclaimed in his home Guy McLeancountry of Australia, Guy now brings his horse and talents to Denver to thrill the crowds as he has done in Australia for 20 years. What you will see and experience in a live performance with his horses (Hope, Pride, Sequel and Spinabbey) is like nothing you have ever seen before in an equestrian performance.


Guy McLean headlines along with Jonathon Fields, Charles Wilhem, Mark Bolender, Jenni Jackson and Jason Patrick at the 2011 Expo that is guaranteed to provide you with education, enjoyment anGuy McLean2d entertainment. Visit web page to learn more and keep up with all of the activities.  See you there!


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